Based out of New Iberia, LA, Failsafe Controls has been providing meticulous and outstanding services to its clients since 2006. Failsafe’s core group of service staff boast over 40 years of oil and gas experience and a reputation for attention-to-detail.

Our oil and gas industry is often challenging and always in need of close attention. Safety, social responsibility, and security are major concerns that should be considered at every level of the pyramid.

We want to make this industry more manageable for you.

With decades of experience and a commitment to exceptional service, Failsafe guarantees its customers the professional and thorough care that they’ve come to expect.

We offer workable solutions to difficult problems and will work closely with you to get the job done.

Who We Are


Kirk Robicheaux started his career in 1986 as an electrician working in the oil & gas industry. Kirk has designed and fabricated numerous process control systems and has vast knowledge in writing PLC logic. After starting and managing operations of a previous company in 2004, Kirk opened Failsafe Controls, LLC in August 2006 for complete oil & gas process automation needs.


Toby Bertrand has worked in the oil & gas industry since 1990 focusing on tracking customer data through HMI software. In 2006, Toby brought his extensive software knowledge to Failsafe Controls, where he has been a partner since its inception. Toby maintains basic and advanced certifications in Wonderware®.


HMI Software HMI Software (424 KB)

Pilot Controller/BSL Pilot Controller/BSL (384 KB)

BSL Installation Diagram BSL Installation Diagram (183 KB)

BSL Wiring Diagram BSL Wiring Diagram (173 KB)

BSL Operating Procedure BSL Operating Procedure (38 KB)

LACT Units LACT Units (485 KB)

Complete Measurement System Complete Measurement System (148 KB)

Automation Systems Automation Systems (533 KB)